Strawberry from Ma Bestfren

Yesterday i met ma fren named Wahyu. why??? he wanna give me strawberry, ohhh so sweet. hehe. how n why? coz i swear he isnt my bf or TTM. n for information he was from Sembalun, somthg like hill in Lombok island. its nice place n so many strawberry there (dats wat i hear from ppl). But how d story begin? okk i ll tell u.
When im in jogja for registration at UGM , i like to text wid him. why? coz im bored, 1 week in jogja, n 1 week in Kebumen. No internet connection there. uhhh soo bored. my habit is online 24 hours (ehehe) , chat wid frens n etc, but i cant do dat there. uhh :(
so i texting wid Wahyu, even he reply each other aftr few hour coz bad signal. back to main story, he were promise to me "traktir" sorry i dunno d english name for it :D. coz he graduated school early before me ( he were in accelaration class). so after i finish my task in jogja, when i back here he promise traktir me. Ya, he said will give me Sweet Cotton Candy, coz i like it, but he confused how to give me. bcoz honest ya no one bpy ever come to my house diretcly alone. ahh wat mom will say.
Im arranged to make appoinment, but coz EURO n his semester exam i cant meet him. N he said " i hv to go to Sembalun wid fren" . ohh,  i say its ok, hmm but i only 3 week in mataram. after now i dunno when we can meet again. N ya he went to Sembalun but not 1 week, only 1 day, dnext aftanoon he come back from Sembalun. I begged him before to bring 1 green n red strawberry. But wow he buy 1 lil box strawberry.. its more than wat i expect. I ll enough happy by 1 strawberry. Thank u so much wahyuu..
oh ya yesterday i go to Udayana street, fpr wat? guess wat i do there. its coz wahyu suddenly texted me say he wait me there. ohh God, yes he there, he give me strawberry. Luckly no my neighbour there. N  i go home keep it hide in my skirt's pocket. Not so big box of strawberry. he say sorry its only 5000 rupiah.. Ohh no problem, im so thankfull. we just meet for 10 minutes there. at home im not forget take d pic, wow itss big stroberry, ahh thx. no one at home now i eat strawbeery. its taste sooo gud. i love it. i forget when last time i eat strawberry. Now i want it again. But no strawberry at home now. Ahhh plzz any ppl want give me?? hehehe
lil box of strawberry but soo special

nyam nyam nyammmyy
see how big it is

Here is Wahyu, he is my fren in junior high school for 1 years, he moved to my school when in 3rd class .i was a leader in class :p. i was always in same group wid him. after finish junior high school we went to different school. n just b connected by fb after 2 years. he were in UNRAM studied electrical engineering . his dream to b architecture in UGM but cant. so now i let his dream go wid my dream too, even hos dream cant fulfill but he happy  i can.
We meet only twice. d most we do just messaging. I think i ll mis him, he is ma bestfren, he always hear my story, n wid me when im bore, : D ahahaha.. thx again for strawbberry, u said u give only for 3 girl ( ur mom, ur sister, n me) :D. thx thx wahyuu for everythg

Hey, ahahaha i dunno u can do dis lovely pose

His face look similar to Patton i dola cilik n im fans of patton :p


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